walk. a lot.

“I only know how to approach a place by walking. For what does a street photographer do but walk and watch and wait and talk, and then watch and wait some more, trying to remain confident that the unexpected, the unknown, or the secret heart of the known awaits just around the corner.” – Alex Webb

Never Stop Learning


i think Eric nailed it for me when he said this:

Learning can happen this way as well— you can hit a “plateau” where you don’t find anything interesting. Your curiosity dies a little bit— and you feel less like a child, and more like a “serious” grown-up.

i started a new job in December and I've been learning A LOT! more than i expected, actually. there are days when i get home and can barely stay awake - my brain feels so full! it makes me wonder if this is why i'm so unmotivated to get out and shoot. i have all these great ideas for shooting on the streets but at the end of the day, i just can't get my ass out there.

ugh. someone push me out the door!



I love to wander the city and shoot photos. I used to go every weekend. But lately I'm just finding it harder to get out and shoot. I carry my camera with me just about everywhere I go but I'm just not motivated to use it. What's wrong with me? What do you do to motivate yourself to shoot? Let me know in the comments.

Eric Kim: Make Someone Feel Beautiful


"I used to be interested in capturing candid street photographs– capturing beautiful moments of everyday life. But nowadays, I am less interested in making photos; I am more interested in making connections– especially with strangers and close loved ones."

eric's post really touched home for me. i try to make a connection with the people i photograph whenever possible. my "perfect strangers" gallery is an example of this. i know quite a bit of information about everyone i shot that day...